“Making them laugh at themselves to understand themselves. It is what a good fool is supposed to do!” 

Kay is recognized as a leading teacher of Fooling, having toured in the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Bosnia, Jordan and the UK. As a performer he takes his audience on a journey into the human experience using paradox, taking licence with the dark and light aspects of life. He sees this art form as inclusive, a way of including both the ‘real’ world of the audience and the ‘imaginary’ world of theatre.


As of 2017 Jonathan Kay is taking a more tailored approach to his workshops:
1. Open to all
2. Specifically for performers


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Jonathan Kay performs all over the world from theatres to 1:1 shows, international festivals to local pubs. If you can catch him, do. It’ll be an experience you won’t forget.

Jonathan Kay at Ted x Manchester