Having spent over 30 years developing  and teaching his structure of Fooling, Jonathan is an adept master at this work. He will cajole, caress and crack open The Fool residing deep within all of us. He will take you gently by the hand and lead you into a discovery of your inner world.

Weekend Workshops allow you to ‘dip your toes into the water’ and find out what it means to Fool on a stage. It gives you the opportunity to experience this foolishness. Once tasted it draws you in to discover a huge world, which you get to play in, create in and find your Fool in.

Whilst performers, clowns, storytellers and musicians will all find inspiration for their stagecraft, this workshop offers a space for anyone to meet their inner Fool and benefit wholeheartedly from the boons to be found in those inner landscapes. Lawyers, farmers, nurses, and facilitators have all found their personal pot of gold on these workshops.

The best thing about the workshop is that you don’t have to have performer aspirations. This suits everyone with an interest to explore themselves and the world of the Fool within a performance space. It can be a wonderful catalyst for change, knowledge, growth and fun.

Jonathan brings a wealth of experience and insight into the human condition as well as a storehouse of tangible tools, games and exercises to entice you out of the audience of your life.