Since the COVID pandemic, all of Jonathan Kay’s solo work, and the workshops that constitute the annual programme for his theatre company the Nomadic Academy for Fools, have been delivered online.

The online work has proven to be a very good tool for intimate and focused work, and Jonathan has flourished working within this new medium. Ironically, he is able to be much closer with members of the group by having one to one plays and transferring the structure into the work in front of the camera. Jonathan finds that in many respects, the work can progress faster than in the physical workshops. This is partly because of using the new medium, where you are able to see people much more closely, and also because the groups mainly work in a smaller intimate circle.

“Jonathan worked with my students at the Drama Centre London Foundation Course. The students not only loved the workshops, but they carried what they had experienced into their other work. Jonathan is a special and rare artist, he is able to inspire and entertain, teach and enthuse, while communicating his love and enjoyment of performing. The students described his work as ‘joyous and exhilarating’.”

Richard Williams – Director of Foundation in Performance – Drama Centre London

Jonathan has been teaching and leading workshops for more than 30 years, he brings a wealth of experience and insight into the human condition as well as a storehouse of tangible tools, games and exercises to entice you out of the audience of your life. These online courses are introductory and challenging. They open your love for yourself and others in ways that are totally unexpected, and allow you to live outside your present thinking. Your world waits for you to hold and cherish again.

Throughout the year, we organise one day taster workshops where hundreds of people have worked with Jonathan since the start of the pandemic. We also have weekend workshops, giving participants the chance to go deeper into the work with Jonathan, and also five day workshops allowing participants to start to gain more understanding of the Structure within his Fooling technique. The longer the duration of the workshop, the deeper the work, content and experience.

Below are some words from Jonathan Kay regarding the solo workshops that he is now offering. If you’re still wondering if taking the leap and joining one is right for you or not, then perhaps this will help you to make up your mind….

“It’s time to make that difference you keep promising yourself. For all those feelings you don’t allow, and all the various ways in which you suppress and box these things up inside yourself, push them away, submerged and discounted.

All these feelings of love hidden within the unreachable you, which have kept your hope going like a flickering candle in the emotional winds of life. All the Have To’s that have been slowly etched into your heart over time. You’re sleeping, and you must be a Fool to awake! It’s time to begin the journey you have always promised yourself, but somehow never got around to. You’re too shy, too angry, too asleep, and too habitual too.

 “I can’t do this! It’s too much pain, too much love! And I’m too late, and too tired. I have too many responsibilities to nurture my own needs, don’t I?”

Now is the time to be Foolish and begin, for you must always begin otherwise you will never start!

Sign up for this online workshop to meet ordinary people secretly on the same quest as you. The online workshops help you to start working on bringing all these aforementioned hidden feelings forward, but very slowly with care and attention. This is what you will notice in yourself as you turn the tide and become what you know you want to be, by expressing yourself from within.

Things which are hidden, or that perhaps you just can’t find the space for, will come to the surface. It’s a lot of fun and joy, but to resurface yourself and to be accepted as you know you can be is no quick fix. It’s the rest of your life we’re talking about, to start becoming your inner worlds expectation.

See how flipped and twisted one can become by protecting a love which is hidden, but is actually always uplifting you day and night. If you haven’t started, you can’t begin!! Come to the edge and jump Like The Fool in the tarot card deck. It’s a leap of faith in many more ways than just yourself and your ego. It means to be received again by the world you have been living in.”

Jonathan Kay