Jonathan Kay @ Tedx Manchester

TED is a media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. Tedx Manchester approached Jonathan about performing at their up and coming event at HOME Theatre. It was sold out before they even announced the speakers so the anticipation was pretty high from everyone! The whole day was filled with brilliant conversations, a stunning array of different walks of life and a fab and eager audience.

Here’s a list of everyone who was ‘speaking’ at the event:
They were all powerful talks which gave an open and engaging insight into a whole manor of topics: money, hacking, fun physics and plenty more.

Here’s an article from Mancunion summing up their key learnings from the day…
Kay taught us to break out of our box, to act “uncool,” and most importantly, to never give our light away.”

Here’s another blog from Ian Forrester, it’s definitely worth watching the Carrie Green talk he mentions
It was entertaining and the bigger point of actually talking to the people around us, wasn’t lost on myself and others.