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NOA pilot-project. Open Workshops – Berlin Weekend + Seven Day Workshop

March 9 @ 10:00 - March 15 @ 17:30

Jonathan has been teaching and leading workshops for more than 30 years, he brings a wealth of experience and insight into the human condition as well as a storehouse of tangible tools, games and exercises to entice you out of the audience of your life.

This workshop is part of the pilot project “Nomadic Academy for Fools – NOA”, which officially starts as a four-year program in summer 2019. But you can join in our pilot Project this year already. So, it is open to the public to join, but you will also get the pleasure of working with Fools who are undertaking and developing as pioneers a full years worth of training with both Jonathan, and Fools that have trained for years under him that are now teaching. If you want to know more about the NOA in general, please send an e-mail to: academynomadic@gmail.com

Alle in Deutschland stattfindendenNOA Workshops können eine Bildungsprämie erhalten. Hier werden 50% der Workshop-Gebühren, bis maximal 500,- Euro vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung übernommen. Mehr info HIER

In this workshop, you have two options of Fooling with Jonathan and the NOA. Either join for just the weekend, and dip your toes in to the World of Fooling. Or join for the full seven days for the complete and fully immersive experience.

Joining for the weekend gives you an introduction where you can ‘dip your toes into the water’ and find out what it means to Fool on a stage. It gives you the opportunity to experience this foolishness. Once tasted it draws you in to discover a huge world, which you get to play in, create in and find your Fool in.

Whilst performers, clowns, storytellers and musicians will all find inspiration for their stage-craft, the workshops offer a space for anyone to meet their inner fool and benefit wholeheartedly from the boons to be found in those inner landscapes..lawyers, farmers, nurses, and facilitators have all found their personal pot of gold on these workshops.

Continuing on after the weekend, Jonathan will be entering into some of seven levels of the “Structure of Fooling”. The structure provides tools and a direct means of opening to these transformative qualities that the Fool can offer us.

Jonathan is one of the very best teachers I’ve worked with. What I learn with him causes me to change in ways I didn’t know I needed to, and breaks down the barrier between “me” and “life” so that I have frequent access to the ecstatic experience of disappearing completely into a blissful oneness with everything.”

                                                                                                        Participant feedback

Having spent over 30 years developing  and teaching his “Structure of Fooling”, Jonathan is an adept master at this work. He will cajole, caress  and crack open The Fool residing deep within all of us. He will take you gently by the hand and lead you into a discovery of your inner world.

“Challenging. Confrontational. Hilarious. Provided moments of deep healing.“
                                                                                                        Participant feedback

To join the workshop, you don’t have to have performer aspirations. This suits everyone with an interest to explore themselves and the world of the Fool within a performance space.

Workshop Payment Options

There are three ways to pay if you would like to join a workshop!


You can follow the links below to our Eventbrite page and book online now.



If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please first drop us a line via the CONTACT PAGE to check there are spaces left on the workshop. We will let you know if there are, and if it’s all good to go,  then please use the details below;

Attic Theatre Ltd
Sort Code: 30-99-71
Account Number: 00085000

If you are making a payment from outside the UK, you will also need the following information;

IBAN: GB95 LOYD 3099 7100 0850 00



If you would like to pay using PayPal, please first drop us a line via the CONTACT PAGE to check there are spaces left on the workshop. We will let you know if there are, and if it’s all good to go, then please make your payment to our account which is linked to the following email address;


Refund policy HERE



Every NOA workshop will emphasise on a certain theme from within the “Structure of Fooling” (please see the poster at the top of this page for the theme to this workshop) but all of the themes will be touched upon during the workshop. An outline of the main themes are below;

‘Look-See –Be-Fly’ allows you to work directly with the emotional landscape we all have in us to discover through short Scenarios, how to use the Stage area to weave a performance.

‘Playing in the Archetypal World’ lets you enter an added dimension that has been lost to traditional theatre, but is used to great effect in improvisation to develop and give depth to the unfolding play.

‘Flip, Twist, Fly’ deals with an increased awareness of how to Flip or change into a different voice, action, persona or to be in a particular place on the stage. Twisting is about being able to be flexible emotionally, mentally and physically.

‘Repertory Company’ is the part of the Structure that offers you an insight into your own travelling repertory company. Who are the personalities that live in you?!

‘Transitions, Play, A play, The Play’ refers to the different places in the performance space where the improvisation can take place.

‘Tableaux, Blob & Twin’ A tableaux is the movement of the performers into a ‘picture’ on the stage, whether this is static or moving. Blobbing is a way of moving in one space together, being as one organism, learning to listen to yourself, each other and space. The Twin effect is about discovering and uncovering your Twin, the part of you might deny, but who is always there beside you.

‘Create or Be Created’ To learn to create is a great gift to give oneself in the performance space. To Create implies power and a sense of self empowerment where as to be Created gives the opposite effect and is at it sounds.


March 9 @ 10:00
March 15 @ 17:30
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Nomadic Academy For Fools


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