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NOA pilot-project Open Workshops – 10 Day Residential Workshop

July 3 @ 08:00 - July 12 @ 17:00


This workshop is part of the pilot project “Nomadic Academy for Fools – NOA”, which officially starts as a four-year program in summer 2019. But you can join in our pilot Project this year already. So, it is open to the public to join, but you will also get the pleasure of working with Fools who are undertaking and developing as pioneers a full years worth of training with both Jonathan, and Fools that have trained for years under him that are now teaching. If you want to know more about the NOA in general, please send an e-mail to: academynomadic@gmail.com

Für Teilnehmer_innen aus Berlin werden Veranstaltungen der NOA als Bildungsurlaub anerkannt.

Now in its sixth year, this is a fantastic chance to fully immerse yourself in a unique 10 day residential workshop with Jonathan Kay in a beautiful farmhouse in the German countryside.

After attending a 5 day workshop in Berlin in October 2013, there were 5 people who continued working on the foolish structure. This group were interested in going deeper into the work with Jonathan, and the idea of a 10 day residential workshop was born from conversations between Jonathan, Joe and the Fools.

It was proposed to get together in a small village where Anne, one of the Fools, has a summerhouse. This is how the first ten day workshop came to be. The workshop is only open to people who have completed a five day workshop with Jonathan Kay and are already familiar with the structure.

The workshop starts on Wednesday 3rd July and ends on Friday 12th July. Arrival at the farmhouse is on Tuesday 2nd July. This gives everybody a chance to meet and chat on the first evening. Jonathan should already be there when you arrive and will be staying with you all in the farmhouse.

The following day, the workshop begins and will run for ten days. At the end, you can leave on the last day, or stay the night and leave the next day. The workshop itself takes place in a large spacious hall in Wilhelmsdorf which is a short and beautiful walk from the farmhouse.

It will start at 10.00 and finish at around 17.30, but may run later. There will be a break for lunch. Breakfast and supper will take place in the farmhouse but there is a restaurant near by if you fancy a change.

Here are some words that Jonathan sent to all the participants of the last ten day workshop the week before it started;

“The fool is unlike a clown, unlike an actor and unlike a job. Unlike a lover, a thief, a politician, a Priest, a Prime Minister, a King, a Queen, a gardener, a countryman, a country, a woman, a boy, a girl and a baby. A religious leader, a sadness, a joy, a peaceful and intellectual, a Professor, a demon, an angel, a train, a cat, a dog, a tin of baked beans, a pint of Guinness, a pub, a castle, a Mother, a Father or an Uncle and Aunt. None of those, and many more would say they were a Fool, but look in closely, and masked behind those masks a Fool is to be found, close to the heart giving love and life to all such beings.

Sometimes unheard and unrecognized, it can be white washed and airbrushed out, walled up. The only human noticing the World, and all the life in the World and its cycles, is a mind that is mindful. To be the Fool is to notice all these and play in them, and yet still none can know them. If you recognize this tune in you, then begin to bring out your Fool”

 A Foolish workshop is the most fun to be had while keeping your clothes on. To be entertained, to laugh, to enjoy, to relax so you can have not a care in the world! Forget your cares and woes and be lifted to enjoy the company of others.

A Fool workshop is like this ….. To be able to relinquish cares and woes, standards and boundaries. To live freely without personal fixed ideas or be held by moral dilemmas. To play in the all of everything, not be excluded from anywhere in your inner world or from understanding your critic or your personal anxieties. 

 Meet the Guardian to your inner world. To see, to look, to be, to fly! Not to be run by your defenses or your traditional form. The audience is the representative of the traditional form, that fixed place that is found presently at any one time as the company of a fool in which it is woven.

The visible and invisible worlds the known and the unknown. To enter the world of the Fool there is a giving to be done. A giving in and a giving away. Before your laughter is at your self and not at others, which was so before. So to get out of the audience you can begin to give in. Begin this great adventure of the Fool and never look back.”


The price to join the workshop is €1000. This includes the workshop itself, as well as your accommodation in the farmhouse. The group all chip in for food, and all cooking duties are shared among the group, Jonathan included. Due to the costs involved with residential workshops, we are unable to offer Earlybird tickets. Sorry!


Workshop Payment Options

There are three ways to pay if you would like to join this workshop!


You can follow the link below to our Eventbrite page and book online now.



If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please first drop us a line via the CONTACT PAGE to check there are spaces left on the workshop. We will let you know if there are, and if it’s all good to go,  then please use the details below;

Attic Theatre Ltd
Sort Code: 30-99-71
Account Number: 00085000

If you are making a payment from outside the UK, you will also need the following information;

IBAN: GB95 LOYD 3099 7100 0850 00



If you would like to pay using PayPal, please first drop us a line via the CONTACT PAGE to check there are spaces left on the workshop. We will let you know if there are, and if it’s all good to go, then please make your payment to our account which is linked to the following email address;



Please get in touch via the contact page if you have any questions.

Refund policy HERE



July 3 @ 08:00
July 12 @ 17:00
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Nomadic Academy For Fools


The Farmhouse
Ortsstraße 8
Wilhelmsdorf, 07389 Germany
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